Weekday Sportsbeat 12-16-21

Jim Irizarry is in for Sean Stires today. Christian McCollum from Irish Sports Daily recaps National Signing Day for Notre Dame. Jim brings everyone down with a COVID-19 segment. Carl Stutsman joins for Rapid Fire. Laughs are

Weekday Sportsbeat 12-14-21

Jim Irizarry is in for Sean today. The NBA has its first game postponements this season. 36 people in the NFL got it. The NHL is also getting smacked. COVID-19 is still here, folks. Also, life advice

The Moneyline 6-28-21

I am supposed to be here, right? Anyway, the Stanley Cup Final is here and the NBA’s Western Conference Finals should be wrapping up. After eight playoff holes at The Travelers, let’s talk about The Open Championship.

The Moneyline 6-21-21

If there’s one thing you take away from this show, let it be the knowledge of Darren Rovell rooting for the house. Follow @TheMoneyline960 on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

The Moneyline 5-24-21

Phil Mickelson won some people a whole lotta cash this weekend. That’s why you respect your elders, kids. Also, we all overlooked Winnipeg, badly. That happens when Connor McDavid scores 105 points in a 56-game season.