Station Information

Where are the Sportsbeat podcasts?

You can access the Sportsbeat podcasts through our free Sportsbeat app! Download the app free on the App Store or Google Play.

Why can’t we carry the Chicago Cubs?

Two reasons; first we carry the South Bend Cubs and would have to preempt their games to carry the Chicago Cubs. The second reason is another station (in Elkhart) has the exclusive rights to broadcast the Cubs in our area.

How often can I win contests?

For the majority of our contests, you are not restricted from winning based on past winnings. (some exclusions may apply).

How do I download your app?

You can download our app for free at the App Store or Google Play.

Is your app free?

Yes! Our app is completely free!

Can you announce my daughter’s birthday on the air?

As happy as we are that your daughter is celebrating her birthday, we don’t do birthday shout-outs on the air.



Advertising and Marketing

Where can I get a copy of my invoice? 

To get a copy of your invoice, simply login or create an account at https://advertisingportal.emarketron.com/.

Will you talk about my non-profit event?

Traci’s Neighborhood Podcast features non-profit organizations with an event or cause they would like to discuss. Submit your information here to be considered for the show.

How do I get more information about running a radio commercial?

Contact Bill by sending him an email at bnye@midwestfamilysouthbend.com

How much do radio commercials cost?

The cost of radio commercials depends on a few factors such as which station, what time, and more. We provide quotes based on the needs of our clients and the audiences they wish to reach. To get yours, email bnye@midwestfamilysouthbend.com.

 Do you offer other forms of advertising and marketing?

Yes! At Mid-West Family South Bend, we offer digital, radio, and event marketing services to business clients.

What kind of digital marketing services do you offer?

We offer an extensive list of digital marketing solutions to fit any need, from programmatic display, geofence and OTT/CTV advertising to website building, SEM and more!


Big Radio Deals (Restaurant of the Week/Big Deal Thursday/One Day Bus Trip)

When should I expect to receive the Big Radio Deals certificate I ordered?

Big Radio Deals certificates should arrive 8-10 business days after your order is placed. If you still have not received your order by then, please contact deals@wsbtradio.com.

I signed up for the Bus Trip but didn’t get a ticket?

No physical tickets are issued for One Day Bus Trip orders. Simply bring your confirmation email and photo ID the day of your trip to board the bus!