The Moneyline 10-26-21

Khalil Herbert. D’Ernest Johnson. Kadarius Toney. What do these three have in common? Also, anybody care about the World Series? No? Okay. Here’s some bets anyway.

The Moneyline 10-8-21

Football Friday means More Moneyline! Postseason baseball, college football, the NFL, all of that almost doubled the length of the show. That’s right, we grew it naturally, not with pills! What?

The Moneyline 10-6-21

If renting didn’t cost more than buying a home, I would have rented until I died. Why would any school hire Urban Meyer without including a character clause?

The Moneyline 9-28-21

Here comes the jester, one, two, three. Chuba’s going to get a lot of waiver wire claims. More than likely, you’re missing out on him. Who else can get you points? Also, it’s the last week of