Weekday Sportsbeat 7-28-21

Jim Irizarry is in for the vacationing Sean Stires. Jim talks to Paul Szrom from the South Bend Salvation Army about the Million Dollar Hole-in-One Contest happening at select golf courses in the area. (More info at

Roster Doctors – Week 12

Time is moving so quickly, Jim still hasn’t recovered from the time change… TWO WEEKS AGO. Or maybe (probably) it’s from this past weekend. Regardless, instead of a Thrill at QB, Craig played a Kill. Still pulled

Roster Doctors – Week 8

Jim and Craig are both fighting what real doctors call “lung crud.” Another big week with injuries forces them to go deep on the Waiver Wire to find a zoo buddy. They’ve also got Thrills & Kills

Roster Doctors – Week 7

Jim & Craig cannot believe that it’s already the halfway point of the fantasy season. Now that you read that, neither can you. Admit it! We have a repeat kill from last week’s All-Star Kills, as well

Roster Doctors – Week 6

Jim and Craig take the NFL to task over the medical cart issue from the Week 5 Baltimore-Pittsburgh game, recap an All-Pro Thrills & Kills (mostly Kills), and look at a Waiver Wire filled with new faces.

Roster Doctors – Week 5

Jim and Craig talk trade value, which is something you can also use in your daily life. Don’t put too much value on trades or your relationship that’s going nowhere! They also eat some crow over Wayne

Roster Doctors – Week 3

Jim and Craig update you on The Great Injury Bug Swarming of Week 2. How do replace Drew Brees? Ben Roethlisberger? Your Thrills & Kills, a look at the waiver wire, and it’s finally the end of