Irish look to avoid getting caught in “trap game”

by WSBT 22 Sports

Fourth ranked Notre Dame (5-0) is preparing to face Georgia Tech (2-4) this weekend. Yet, ever since the moments immediately following the Fighting Irish’s 45-3 win over Pittsburgh last Saturday, the attention of most fans moved immediately to November 7th, and Notre Dame’s impending showdown with no. 1 Clemson.

The phrase “trap game” was never uttered during Brian Kelly’s weekly press conference Monday, but that’s exactly what awaits the Irish.

Number- four Notre Dame is playing a 2-4 football team this weekend, with number-one Clemson, one week away.

So how does Brian Kelly prevent his players from falling into the trap?

And he’s already addressed what’s ahead.

“Here’s what I said exactly: The acronym W-I-N, ‘What’s important now?’ But it also means `What’s important next?'”

“Certainly we’re going to prepare the right way for Georgia Tech and that’s what’s important now. But the way you play and how you play sets you up for what’s next and what’s next is you know what you need to do to win a championship and who you have to play down the road.”

“That was implicit in that conversation without having to say , ‘Hey guys in a couple weeks we’re playing Clemson, wink wink.’ We didn’t need to do that.”